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April 14, 2009
Dotster helps small business owners expand online revenues, while lessening tax-time blues

Vancouver, WA - April 14, 2009 - With April 15 quickly approaching, many small businesses are preparing to make one of the year's biggest investments: taxes. Dotster, Inc., a leading provider of Internet business services, would like to remind these businesses that one of the best ways to lessen the pain at tax time is to take your business online.

"When small business owners plan for tax time, what many overlook are the deductions made possible by taking at least a portion of their business online," says Brian Unruh, CFO of Dotster. "Much of what is needed to create and maintain a website can be claimed, such as domain registration fees, hosting costs and even the Internet connection."

Another benefit of having an online presence concerns sales tax. According to's latest Consumer Behavior Report, the down economy is driving many consumers to research and purchase items from websites that do not charge sales tax or shipping fees. Many small businesses with customers in states in which the company has no taxable presence (for example no offices, employees or other business assets) may promote "no sales tax charged" as an incentive to potential buyers. Businesses should contact their tax advisors regarding these possible opportunities.

"Even if a small business is based in a state that charges sales tax, legislation may limit the tax impact to those states where the company has physical operations," says Unruh. "Online commerce can be a tremendous boon, offering national, if not global reach, and the ability to offer customers a lower price point than competitors due to tax-savings."

Of course, the benefits of an online presence for a small business do not stop there. A study conducted by the Small Business Administration found that of the US small businesses online, 67 percent gained new customers, 56 percent increased total sales and 62 percent improved their competitive position. Additional benefits included faster time-to-market and decreased overhead.

"Whether it is better customer relationship management, increased marketing opportunities, a broader pool of customers or even the benefits at tax time, small businesses literally cannot afford to ignore the opportunities provided by the Internet," says Clint Page, CEO of Dotster. "At Dotster, we've made it our mission to give small business customers all of the tools and support they need to reap the rewards of an online presence."

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