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May 20, 2009
Dotster gives graduates the ability to future-proof their personal and professional networks
for job searching and career development

Vancouver, WA - May 20, 2009 - In the next few weeks, thousands of students from colleges and universities across the United States will graduate and begin looking for employment. Armed with a degree, these graduates face an uphill battle due to the current recession and a national unemployment rate of 8.9 percent. However, with a .TEL address from Dotster Inc., no matter where their job search takes them, graduates can easily maintain connections with peers, professors and industry contacts that will drive career opportunities for years to come.

"Other than a degree, the most valuable part of going to college for many students is building a professional network," says Clint Page, CEO of Dotster. "However, since frequent moving is common in most early careers, it's very easy for people to lose critical connections. A .TEL can help prevent lost connections by providing a central hub for up-to-date contact information and idea sharing."

Most graduates are familiar with staying in touch online through social networks such as Facebook®, MySpace®, LinkedIn® and Twitter®. Each of these platforms provides different and useful ways for the graduate to communicate with family, fellow students and, in the case of LinkedIn, future employers and fellow job seekers. However, it can be time consuming for graduates to ensure social profiles are updated every time they move, change phone numbers or get another email address. In addition, new social platforms can cause contact fragmentation since the platforms people use today may not be what they rely on in the future. Social platforms will come and go, but a personalized .TEL address will always be the same.

A .TEL address serves as a central location for a graduate's contact information that they can control and easily update. With .TEL, graduates have one contact address with their most current information and links. Built-in privacy settings can control who sees what information. In addition, each of the graduates' other online networks can point to their .TEL page to ensure contact information is always up-to-date.

For a limited time, Dotster is providing .TEL addresses for only $11.95 to help graduates capture the value of their network.

"At Dotster we understand how difficult it can be for a graduate to find employment in this economy," says Page. "By lowering the price of a .TEL, we hope to provide an opportunity for graduates to leverage the networks they've worked hard to build resulting in more and better job opportunities."

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