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October 21, 2008

Internet Business Service Leader Provides Top of the Line Security Measure Tips For Businesses to Prosper Online

Vancouver, WA — Online business prosperity correlates directly to how safe a customer feels providing personal financial information to a merchant. If the consumer does not trust the vendor, the sale is unlikely to occur. Today, while most consumers feel basically secure making online purchases without fear that their financial information will be misused or their merchandise won't be delivered, security remains a crucial issue in the online commerce realm. Dotster, a leading provider of Internet business services, recognizes the essential need to provide businesses with trust-building, premium security services with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and failsafe domain name services like its NameSafe and TransferLock products. Dotster offers expert tips for the best safety measures to guarantee online security for both businesses and their customers.

According to Website Magazine, "(the trustworthiness of [the] merchant) surpass[es] all other factors — even price — as the most important factor in a buyer's decision to make a purchase online." So powerful is this truth that many buyers are willing to pay more for a given item from a merchant of impeccable trustworthiness than they are for the same item from a lesser-known online retailer. This phenomenon is known in e-commerce lingo as the Risk Discount or, alternately, the Trust Premium.

To ensure businesses provide buyers with this risk discount or trust premium, Dotster offers the following solutions:

  • SSL Technology — SSL technology cloaks data in a sophisticated encryption before it is sent to your site, and then decrypts it upon arrival, for a modest yearly fee. Dotster ( helps an e-merchant set up and install SSL technology on its site as it is the most important link in your Web site's security "fence." An SSL certificate signed by official certificate authorities has passed a strict, third-party security review that validates both the legitimacy of the person or business and the identity of the data recipient.

  • NameSafe Domain Security: Many online business owners have discovered that even the domain name of their Web site can be a potential security target. Unless properly safeguarded, domain names can be at risk from hijackers, hackers and unscrupulous domain speculators. One effective way to protect a hard-won domain name against any unauthorized changes is NameSafe. The affordable NameSafe service protects a site against any changes — account ownership and contact updates, the movement of domains between accounts, and registrar transfers — unless specifically authorized by the owner. A related service, TransferLock, prevents any unauthorized transfer of a domain name to other registrars unless the owner logs in and unlocks it. TransferLock is available free to Dotster customers.

The technology to secure online transactions, all-important financial and other personal data has never been more sophisticated. The online security experts at Dotster simplify the process to help turn your Web site into the "Risk Discount" and "Trust Premium" it should be.

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