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June 17, 2008

Web Hosting Leader Unveils Powerful Way For Companies To Connect With Customers
Where Social Networking Does Business-Tailored For Small, Mid-Size and Enterprise

Vancouver, WADotster, Inc. (, a leading provider of Internet business services, announces Dotster ConnectSM: a powerful and affordable way for businesses to better attract, connect with, involve and retain their customers. Dotster Connect is a complete suite of social networking and media sharing capabilities that allows any company, small or large, to engage users via community forums, blogs, polls, real-time interaction and much more.

For small businesses, Dotster Connect is the first all-in-one product that lets them tap into the power of social networking quickly and affordably with a platform that's been specifically tailored for them. For enterprise customers, Dotster Connect's robust feature set, dedicated managers, scalability and customized solutions give big business a powerful new option for tapping the power of community. For all businesses, Dotster Connect is offered at an affordable price with multiple plans to choose from.

Clint Page, CEO of Dotster, said, "If a business is serious about building its customer base and web presence, social networking needs to be a cornerstone of its marketing strategy. We are in a new era of brand building where traditional media and one-way marketing communications aren't working the way they once did. Customers are now relying on their communities to help them make purchasing decisions, and the companies who best understand and facilitate this are the ones who will emerge the winners. Dotster Connect, in conjunction with our web hosting expertise and product suite, allows a company to do this as never before."

Dotster Connect is where social networking gets down to business. It lets companies quickly and easily create communities of purpose where customers, vendors, employees, partners, event attendees, developers — anyone — can meet, build relationships, share ideas, contribute content, and learn from one another. A robust community builds loyalty, gives companies a way to quickly understand customer values, needs, and opinions so they can better manage and drive their business. Other valuable applications for Dotster Connect include intranets, extranets, training portals, and online conferencing. Key Dotster Connect capabilities include: Forums & Polls, Events Management, Submittal Processing, User Profiles and Awards, Commenting, Posting Articles, Media Sharing, Groups, Newsletters and more.

Dotster Connects Small Business
Dotster Connect is the first all-in-one social networking product that gives small businesses the full service capabilities and affordable pricing options that they demand. As a worldwide web services provider, Dotster is also the first to offer a complete one-stop opportunity. Using Dotster Connect, a customer can choose his or her own domain name and build the social network, or even the entire website, made to order.

Dotster Connect is the perfect solution for existing online businesses, offline businesses that want to make the break to online, and start ups. For established businesses, Dotster Connect offers seamless integration with existing websites and brands. All customers enjoy the same level of reliability and service ensured by the robust and stable platform that services Dotster's enterprise customers. Dotster Connect offers free consultations and hands-on web designers who will work with you to build your site. For more Small Business information, visit:

Dotster Connects The Enterprise
Dotster Connect provides enterprise customers with a new level of "white label, white glove" service. Enterprise customers work with Dotster's dedicated engagement managers who guide them through each step of the process to help them customize and maximize their social network to meet all of their business needs. Dotster Connect's enterprise‑level offering provides over 400 features in 26 languages. The level of advanced technology employed surpasses that of MySpace, Friendster, Facebook and YouTube combined. The Dotster Connect platform is fully scalable and extendable to handle companies' current needs and future growth. Dotster's customer-hosted platform guarantees data is fully secure and allows for existing data and users to be fully integrated. For a free consultation and for more information, enterprise customers can visit:

Clint Page noted, "Dotster Connect delivers a whole new level of power to social networking. While social networking 1.0 emphasized 'social,' Dotster Connect emphasizes 'networking' and all of its benefits for businesses of any size. This includes direct revenue benefits such as lead generation, cross-selling, advertising, and e-commerce as well as cost savings such as reduced customer support, communications and research expenses. Dotster's full‑service approach helps companies unlock for themselves the value of their communities."

About Dotster, Inc.
Dotster is a leading full service provider of essential resources for businesses to get online and grow online. It has helped nearly 1 million businesses and individuals establish their web presence, build their Web sites, and drive revenue. It is also the provider of 100% reliable domain name services to federal and state governments. With millions of domain names under management, Dotster is one of the world's largest ICANN-accredited domain registration and Web hosting companies. Dotster's mission is to provide the widest range of innovative and easy-to-use Internet solutions and back them with the unprecedented, personalized support that has earned the company superior customer loyalty rates.

Dotster's expansive lineup of intuitive online offerings allows customers to quickly get on the Internet and get started with maximum visibility. Dotster's specialized team of Internet experts understand the online marketplace and the needs of small and medium sized businesses. Dotster offers its customers a complete set of services including the ability to get online with a domain name and e-mail address; build a major Web presence with hosting and a custom Web site; and generate traffic with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and local site promotion. For more information, please visit or call (360) 449-5900.